Fire & Smoke Damage

If having your home or business go up in flames isn’t enough, that really is just the beginning of your problems. Once the fire has been put out and any fire investigations have been completed, its time to get to the business of clean up and restoration. It is vital that all smoke residue is properly and thoroughly removed, or you are asking for further complications down the road. Smoke and soot can spread very easily throughout a property, even from the smallest fire in one location.

This is why you need to call a professional fire and smoke damage restoration company like Mold stars when you find yourself in this situation. Different types of fire and smoke residue require different types of clean up, and we can handle it all. Our smoke and fire clean up technicians have extensive training and experience, so you rest assured that you are in safe hands when you hire Mold Stars to carry out your clean up and restorations.

Fire Mitigation

When you call Mold stars our first job is to carry out important fire mitigation services, to ensure the minimized risk of further damage to the property and most importantly, to the health of those who have to enter the building. Our extensive experience in dealing with residential and commercial fire and smoke damage cleanup, means we understand the ongoing risks after a fire has been put out and therefore we can take proactive measures immediately.

Fire Restoration

Our next step is the restoration of the property. We work closely with insurance companies, so we can aid in ensuring the cleanup work is adequately funded by providing a thorough and detailed written estimation upon request.

We also know that after a fire, restoration doesn’t just stop at fire and smoke damage, but it is quite possible the steps taken by the fire department to put out the fire can cause just as much, if not more damage, than the fire itself. So we always make sure that when we restore a property, after a fire, that we deal with fire, smoke, water and potential mold damage restoration.