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 I was looking in internet to find a reliable company to come and fix the leaking problem from our bathroom celling that was going on for a while. I called few companies , I decided to go with Mold stars. They gave me an excellent consultation over the phone and also told me few things that I need to do before they get there. After first free estimation and very good quote , I agreed to hire Mold Stars. Itay and his helper did a very good job finding what caused the leakage and fix it with reasonable price in such a short time. I am really happy with their great services and very considerate and reliable company. I strongly recommend them to others. In future ,If I need I will be using other services that they offer. Thank you guys. 

Pedro A.

 Our basement renovation project recently hired Mold Stars to carry out mold removal and demolition work. Zack is very knowledgeable and patient with all of our inquiries and questions to ensure we would be satisfied with their work. We were rest assured with their ability to remove the air quality issues in our basement through mold detection and removal. As we expected, the work was done within scheduled time, and with high level professionalism as proved by the quality inspection in the end. We would like to thank Zack and his team for the great service they delivered. You have helped to solve a troublesome problem of ours for a long time. We highly recommend Mold Stars!!! 

Yasmin L
Home Owner

 Had a rather urgent need for mold removal in various areas in my Condo from a water leak from the unit above me. Mold Stars came right over and thoroughly inspected my unit and found more spots that even I had not considered. They fully and clearly explained everything so that I was totally put at ease which what was to happen to fix these problems. Every attention to detail was taken, they laid out drop sheets from my unit to the service elevator and there was not even a single speck of dust nor materials in the hallways. They totally cleaned the entire areas after they where completed and there was nothing for me to do. To say that I am happy with them is an understatement. Thank you again for everything! 

Shawn C.

 Mold Stars are great! We would highly recommend them! They were the only ones out of all the estimates we received that had a good plan how to address the musty smell in our son's bedroom, and the only ones that found the root cause of it (mold in the attic due to improper ventilation and surface mold in the room). They did all the work exactly as planned, including coordinating with insulation guys, a roofer, and an air quality tester. They were always reachable, and communicating with them was very easy. Again - highly recommended! Thanks Mold Stars! 

Becky T.
Home Owner

 Great service on time with a smile and understanding, price was fair and reasonable the team was great to deal with. Work was done in a clean and timely fashion. Highly recommend this company! 

Peter W.
Building Manager